Harsha de Silva

MP De Silva does not inflate Sri Lanka’s inflation


We [Sri Lanka] have the highest inflation in Asia as of now.

Ada Derana | February 1, 2022



Fact Check

Factcheck.lk interpreted the MP, in context, as comparing Sri Lanka with South Asia. However, when evaluating this claim, FactCheck.lk consulted the websites of the Central Banks and Statistics agencies of all Asian countries.  

Exhibit 1 lists South Asian countries with the highest rates of inflation for the year 2021. The cumulative inflation through the course of the year 2021 is the year-on-year, point-to-point percentage increase, in the National Consumer Price Index of the respective countries, at the end of December. This is 14% for Sri Lanka, which is the highest rate of inflation among South Asian countries, and also the highest among all other Asian countries, excluding the Middle East. 

Therefore, we classify the MP’s statement as TRUE. 

NB: Sri Lanka’s Department of Statistics also publishes the Colombo Consumer Price Index, which recorded the cumulative inflation for 2021 as 12.1%. 

*FactCheck.lk’s verdict is based on the most recent information that is publicly accessible. As with every fact check, if new information becomes available, FactCheck.lk will revisit the assessment. 


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