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True: A statement that presents accurate facts, and/or perspectives. The statement does not contain any distorted information, and no information is missing.

Partly True: A statement that contains information that is mostly accurate, but also contains misleading/distorted information, or has missing information.

False: A statement that contains substantially inaccurate information.

Blatantly False: A statement that not only contains false information/data but also inflates the inaccurate information out of proportion.

Verify: A statement that cannot be assigned a truth-value because information or data that is required to verify the statement is not accessible to researchers.

In the event that verifying a statement requires analysing a complicated set of data or carrying out calculations that are inconclusive, the statement will be included in this category.

Void: A statement in a previously published fact check that has been invalidated by the revelation of an error in reporting, understanding or interpreting will be corrected and classified as Void

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