Who We Are

We are a public service platform that monitors a select sample of Sri Lankan media (Sinhala, Tamil, and English) to identify and fact check statements attributed to high-level decision makers in public office on subjects of public interest. The main objective of FactCheck.lk is to improve the space of public understanding and information in Sri Lanka and thereby help to hold decision makers accountable for their public statements as reported in the media.

The FactCheck.lk platform is run by Verité Research. Well-wishers are invited to contribute with research or financial inputs. We can be contacted at factcheck@veriteresearch.org. The first year of the platform, up to 30 April 2019, was financially supported by a grant from International Media Support (IMS). Subsequently, Internews has provided further support. Verité Research maintains the platform during the gaps in financial support and invites contributions from all those who value fact checking.

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