Gammanpila does not respond to the analyses done by but criticises publicly

On May 29,2020 former MP Udaya Gammanpila stated on his official Facebook page and Twitter account that there are issues with the accuracy of the analyses presented by Despite publicly criticising, Gammanpila has yet to provide us with data or facts—either directly or in his public statements—that challenge the accuracy of our analyses. We would like to kindly request MP Gammanpila again to present the data and information regarding our analyses, rather than publicly criticising, if he feels that the analyses conducted by on statements he has made are inaccurate.

We have also previously asked that Gammanpila utilise the ‘right to reply’ available on to notify us if he believes our analyses are inaccurate. (

For analyses has done on statements made by former MP Udaya Gammanpila, please see:

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